Application to the SCSEP Program

Application Process

To apply for the Senior Community Service Employment Program complete an application and provide all requested documentation including age, family size, residence, and annual income – (and veterans or disability status if applicable). If you are eligible and enrolled, the next step is to work with Experience Works case management staff to:

• Identify job related experience, skills, and interests.

• Discuss current and long-term needs and goals.

• Share special circumstances you are facing that need to be addressed as you begin the road to employment.

• Determine what services and supports you might need to help you on your pathway forward. This might include referrals to community partners for housing, transportation, food, clothing, energy, health services, or other types of public assistance.

• Develop a plan of action that includes milestones and your progress toward getting a job.

• Identify a temporary community service assignment that will provide you with experience and training. This assignment is typically about 20 hours a week, paid at the prevailing minimum wage in your state. While assigned at the agency, you will gain recent work experience, develop new skills, and prove what you can do – often leading to references and opportunities to apply for job openings.

• Participate in training to enhance basic skills and computer knowledge. Training is often provided on-line. In some instances training can lead to specialized skills needed for jobs in your local community in fields such as customer service, office, health care, building and landscaping services, hospitality, security, or early childhood education – to mention a few. In addition, if you need a GED or English as a Second Language classes, we have a network of providers to assist you in gaining these valuable skills so you can compete for jobs.

• Develop a resume and job search plan – and join a job club. Subjects taught at job clubs include developing a developing a resume, submitting applications on-line, and interviewing techniques. Another advantage of joining a job club is peer support and encouragement from your fellow job seekers.

• Collaborate with your local workforce center to ensure that you have the opportunity to take advantage of all the wonderful services they have to offer including access to job-banks, computers, job search courses, and other supports to help you be successful.

• Apply for jobs and receive coaching and support from staff.

Experience Works is a nonprofit organization. There are no fees for SCSEP services and we are an equal opportunity service provider.