Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of organization is Experience Works, Inc.?

We are a national, 501 (c)3 organization, in operation since 1965. Our focus is helping older adults age with dignity and purpose through job training, volunteerism, and employment. Our services help thousands of people escape poverty, engage in their communities to live meaningful lives – and local communities prosper.

Where are you located?

Our national office is in Arlington, Virginia, with local presence in Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.

What programs are available to older adults?

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is our largest program and provides eligible participants the chance to increase confidence, build recent work experience, and learn skills for the 21 st Century workforce. Participants spend an average of 20 hours a week in work training at local nonprofits while they earn minimum wage –it’s a springboard to a job with local employers. While becoming job-ready, their efforts provide thousands of community service hours impacting their communities –especially important for people living in rural/remote areas, and people with disabilities. Criteria to apply: Ages 55 and older; unemployed; low/limited incomes.

Experience Works Senior Corps Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) promotes senior volunteerism and geared for people ages 55 and older. The program provides the opportunity for people age 55 and older to share their time and talent in a wide variety of volunteer activities. Schedules are flexible, too. Volunteers can choose a location or community project, as well as the number of hours they wish to serve. With the help of pre-service orientation and training, volunteers are confident and prepared to put their skills and compassion to good use.

Ticket to Work program is a good fit for people receiving SSI/SSDI from the Social Security Administration who want to improve their earning potential and are committed to preparing for success in the workplace. Incentives allow individuals to keep their benefits while exploring employment, receiving vocational rehabilitation services and gaining work experience. Cash benefits and Medicaid or Medicare often continues throughout the transition to work, and there are protections in place to help individuals return to benefits if they find they are unable to continue working due to disability. Criteria to apply: Receiving Social Security benefits because of a disability and are age 18 through 64.

Is there a fee to participate in Experience Works Programs?

Our programs are free to those who qualify

Where do you receive your funding?

We receive funding through federal government contracts and state government grants; supplemented through private donations, businesses, Foundations, community organizations, civic groups and individuals.