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Community Service Agencies

Community partners and collaborations are keys to the success of the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). They reflect the full range of 501c3 organizations and governmental agencies that are essential for maintaining the quality of life in our nation.

Through SCSEP, unemployed low income job seekers 55 and over are assigned to public and nonprofit organizations that agree to serve as “host agencies”. Each location benefits from an expanded workforce that enables them to enhance their services and operations through partnerships with Experience Works. Clients in the SCSEP typically perform a variety of tasks that would otherwise not be accomplished because of lack of funding.

For example, clients assigned to agencies perform clerical duties, sort donations, keep public places clean and landscaped, assist in public health agencies and homeless shelters, serve the frail and elderly, mentor and tutor youth, work with animals and community gardens, help with recycling and public works projects, help veterans, assist with public safety and disaster relief programs, give tours at museums and historic sites, provide customer service, referrals, and assist job seekers at workforce centers – and so much more.

Experience Works is especially proud of partnerships with the public workforce system and area agencies on aging. Virtually every community across the country is touched by these vital services made possible through the Workforce Investment and Opportunities Act and the Older Americans Act.  

Clients in the SCSEP support Older Americans Act Programs hosted by the area agencies on aging by performing services such as:

• Preparing and serving meals at nutrition sites

• Making calls to homebound seniors

• Assisting with recreation and fitness programs

• Arranging transportation

• Providing home health care

At Workforce Centers, SCSEP clients perform services such as:

• Serving as greeters and receptionists

• Assisting with job seeker registration

• Proving technical support in the computer labs

• Helping with job clubs and training programs

• Keeping facilities clean and running smoothly

Why should your organization become a host agency?

Hosting an older worker at your agency benefits your organization through the skills the clients bring, their ability to mentor others, and their contribution to a rich intergenerational work environment.

Some agencies request the opportunity to assist clients with special needs or many barriers to employment. They appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in the life of an older individual who could use additional support as they transition through a challenging part of their life. These agencies help transform the individual’s job skills through work experience, training, coaching, and supervision.

Clients assigned to your agency often become valuable members of the team. They learn your policies and procedures have perfected the tasks they have been given and add value to your operations. Some agencies find that their workplace would not be the same without their trainees and they hire them into permanent jobs when they become available.

To discuss ways Experience Works can partner with your organization, contact us today.


Through the Experience Works Senior Community Service Employment Program we help companies benefit from the skills, work ethic, and experience of an intergenerational workforce. Last year over 15,000 older workers in 30 states and Puerto Rico upgraded their skills for the 21st century workforce.

Experience Works can save your company time and money by assisting you with recruiting skilled candidates for your job openings. We will prescreen them and refer those that match your needs and requirements. You will likely find great value in seriously considering individuals who may have been previously perceived to be on the retirement track. Longevity and the nature of work is changing – and so is the pool of qualified job seekers from which you can choose the best candidates with the best skills to get the job done.

Older employees are typically skilled, experienced, reliable, and conscientious. They are open to exploring opportunities to apply their lifetime of experience in new settings and quickly adapting to methods to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Through our programs, we assist candidates in updating their skills if needed, and help them hone in on jobs that are a good fit for them and their employer.

The demographics of our society and the workforce are shifting. Those employers who adapt early to these changes will strive ahead in acquiring the best talent, and developing new and more efficient workplace policies. They will come to be recognized as leaders in their industry in talent acquisition and retention.

To discuss ways Experience Works can assist your company with developing human resource solutions that will give you a competitive advantage, contact us today.

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