Case Management and Writing Effective Case Notes

Course Description

The Case Management and Writing Effective Case Notes course teaches students the necessary components of case note construction and the importance that case notes play in overall case management.  Students learn the required documentation elements and are instructed on the capturing and storing procedures used for sensitive case notes that may contain confidential medical information. This course places an emphasis the difference between objective and subjective case notes and differentiates between fact and opinion. Additionally students are instructed how case notes are entered into the Job Ready system and the proper case note forms that are used to document most in need characteristics.

How to use this course: Students are required to watch the recorded webinar presentation. All students must complete and pass the knowledge check with a minimum score of 80% or higher. Students are allowed to use the power point presentation during the knowledge check to review answers. After passing the knowledge check, students should provide a copy of the certification of completion to their immediate supervisor.


• Define Case Management

• Describe the different situations that call for Case Notes

• Identify the Department of Labor requirements for Case Notes

• Describe what constitutes OBJECTIVE Case Notes and demonstrate how to write them

• Demonstrate how to document Case Notes in the Job Ready system

Instructional Methodologies

Recorded webinar 

PowerPoint presentation

Final Knowledge Check

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