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bullet_green.png  More seniors are slipping into poverty
bullet_green.png  We give people the tools to help themselves
bullet_green.png  We help eliminate barriers to the employment of older people
bullet_green.png  An investment in Experience Works is an investment in your local  community

Help someone find a job, and you will help them keep their home, pay their utility bills, afford transportation, and so much more. Each year, with help from Experience Works Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), more than 15,000 older Americans receive job training and employment services as well as assistance in accessing other services like health care and housing.

When you donate to Experience Works, you are supporting programs for adults, ages 55 and up, who need and want to work – but are hindered by outdated skills, a lack of education, and other challenges. Our goal is to get them back on their feet, which is more difficult in this economic downturn than ever before. 

Your support of Experience Works programs through a tax-deductible gift gives older adults the tools to help themselves, break out of poverty, and reclaim their lives and dignity.

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