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Discover Experience Works

Experience Works helps low-income seniors, with multiple barriers to employment, get the training they need to find good jobs in their local communities.

Experience Works is a national, charitable, community-based organization. Originally named Green Thumb, and chartered in 1965 as a small, rural demonstration program, Experience Works has grown to be the nation’s leading provider of training, employment, and community service for low-income older people.

    Experience Works

    • Impacts more than 50,000 people each year
    • Has more than 300 employees and operations in 30 states and Puerto Rico 
    • Is funded by grants, contracts and foundations, and contributions from organizations and individual

    Our Mission
    Improve the lives of older people through training, community service, and employment.

    Our Strengths

    • Assisting employers to take full advantage of the talents of older workers
    • Helping older people who are low income or at risk of becoming low income
    • Using community service to train while on the job and as a path to employment
    • Building strong relationships in local communities
    • Addressing the challenges facing older people in rural America

    Our Beliefs

    • Older people should have the opportunity to learn new skills and contribute to their communities throughout their lives
    • Employers who hire, train and retain older workers will be most successful
    • People who are productive and active throughout their lives will have better health, increased longevity, and a positive impact on their communities

Board of Directors

Phillip Klutts
Chairman, Oklahoma

Ruth Ann Wefald
Secretary, Kansas

Dr. Charles N. Toftoy
Vice Chairman, Virginia

Doug Anderton
Director, Georgia

National Leadership

Sarah Biggers
Chief Executive Officer

Paul DelPonte
Director of Communications and Outreach

Carmella Hayes
Director of Payroll and Participant Administration

Marvin Jones
Director of Training and Quality Assurance

Lita Levine Kleger
Director of Program Development

Ray Navarro
Interim Chief Financial Officer

Jo Rinehart
Liaison, Strategic Affairs and Special Initiatives

Vincent Rivera
Director of Operations

State Leadership


Christy Manning-Owen, State Program Manager

New Jersey
Joe Farrone, State Director

Stephanie Cabral, State Program Manager

New York
Karen Mastronardi, State Program Manager

Candy Brown, State Director

North Dakota
Lyle Koller, State Program Manager

Sherley Aguayo, State Program Manager

Kent Kahn, State Program Manager

Margie Alexander, State Program Manager

Vickie Kinsey, State Program Manager

Stacey Parr, State Program Manager

Reggy DeJoode, State Program Manager


Joe Farrone, State Director

Ruth Bolinger, State Program Manager

Puerto Rico
Edna Rodgriguez, State Program Manager

Mary Jo Sims, State Program Manager

South Carolina

Colleen Armand, State Program Manager

South Dakota
Minnie Bell, State Program Manager

Andrea Bridgewater, State Program Manager

Wes Cowan, State Director

Teri Stepaniak, State Program Manager

Mary Jo Sims, State Program Manager

Colleen Armand, State Program Manager

West Virginia
Mary Jo Sims, State Program Manager

Diane Chambers, State Director

Sue Garbisch, State Program Manager

Michael Myers, State Program Manager


Ann Rouch, State Program Manager

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